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Host, commentator, streamer and influencer. She's been involved in poker media since 2014 generating all kinds of content about the game. She started as a poker photographer covering the main tournaments all over the globe. Then she moved to the business side, helping operators market and promote their events through content. Nowadays she represents GGPoker, the largest poker site in the world, being the only Spanish-speaking team member.



With an MBA and graduated with Honors in Marketing, he ran CardPlayer Latin America, the largest poker media in the region. He was also Media Coordinator for some of the main poker tours and hosted poker tv shows and podcasts. Recently he generated millions in revenue through affiliate marketing and advised top gaming firms on Business Development in LATAM.


What we do

Business Analysis and Development

Our day to day job is improving the performance of gaming companies in Latin America. We know how to assess their current situation and what to tweak to get better results. Being profitable is not enough any more. It's also about being quick and versatile.

Marketing and Social Media

We are active on social media and have managed large accounts. This has allowed us to understand the right recipe for each of them and not limit ourselves to the main ones.

Written Content

Our team features gambling and sports journalists who know how to communicate and maximize conversions.

Media Buying

Several years running gaming media has put us on both the buyer and seller side of ads. This has helped create good relationships with large media companies which translates into better conditions at the time of negotiating contracts.

Affiliate Network

Getting hard working, trustworthy affiliates is not an easy task. But we've done it before and it's our bread and butter. We know which conditions create the win/win sweet spot for you and the affiliate. Millions of dollars in commissions speak for us.


"Using keywords" isn't enough. We advise you and your affiliates on how to create an SEO strategy in every kind of content you create.

Live Streams

After thousands (yes, thousands) of hours in front of the screen on Twitch, Youtube and TV, we know what makes a good stream and how to promote it. Our co-founder Pamela is one of the main gaming streamers in the region but we also work with a wide network of live content creators.

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Our Team

We are players

That's why we work exclusively with people with gaming experience. Our team has a verified track record in the industry doing all kinds of work: managing social media accounts, writing articles and even having management positions in industry leading companies.

Companies we have worked with